Fieldscape is the healing practice of Mary L Siefert.  She holds a
Bachelor's degree in psychology from Oakland University in Rochester, MI
and spent almost 30 years in the public sector managing municipal
treasury operations.  

When Mary was 25 years old she had an all-terrain vehicle accident and
sustained a traumatic brain injury that changed her life.  She had chronic
neck and lower back pain as well as other significant health problems.  She
saw a lot of doctors and took a lot of medication, but she never got better.
Eventually, all of the medications she was taking made her feel even

Because of her association with Dr. Davis Brockenshire, DC, Mary became
interested in learning about alternative forms of health care.  She attended
the Institute of Natural Health Sciences in Michigan from 2010 through
2011 and received a Diploma in Homeopathy in 2011.
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Mary Siefert
When Mary learned about the NES ProVision® system she had an "aha!" moment.  During a NES ProVision®
demonstration, when her body-field was scanned, the results were displayed on a large overhead screen.  

The practitioner explained what each important component of the scan meant.  Each component represented
different aspects of her body-field that needed attention.  Mary was amazed at the accuracy of the results which
basically told the story of her emotional and physical life.  

It was at this point that Mary decided to learn more about the NES ProVision® system.

Mary completed NES ProVision® foundation training in Clemmons, NC in early 2012.  She became a certified NES
practitioner in April 2013.  She received advanced NES training in Clemmons, NC in October 2013.  Since 2012,
Mary has been using the NES ProVision® system to improve her own health as well as the health of others.

The bottom line is that everyone has a body-field and a physical body.  They are interdependent, and the health
of one impacts the other.  It is important to take care of both.
Although she studied homeopathy, herbal therapy, homotoxicology, electrodermal screening, Qi Gong,
acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, auricular therapy, Korean hand therapy, laser therapy, sound and
color therapy, and others, Mary still had not found a modality she was passionate about.
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Mary L Siefert, NESCP
Mary L Siefert, NES Practitioner