The first challenge is to accurately measure the field. Measurement can take place with one of several different
devices on the market, or by intuitive assessment. Of course, the accuracy of intuition depends on the individual
healing practitioner, while a device offers a more objective result. I, personally, work with the NES ProVision®
system because it assesses the body-field in a way that is objective and makes sense. Several physicists'
theories coincide with the NES theory.
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What is Energy Therapy?
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Mary L Siefert, NES Practitioner
Again, if we believe Einstein, then working with the body-field must be the future of medicine. We need accurate
ways of measuring and correcting this field. And while we may only be in the early stages of developing this truly
corrective approach to wellness, working at the quantum level is well proven to those who have really explored it
and witnessed wellness miracles over time with these methods.
There is increased interest in what is called 'bioenergetics', 'quantum modalities', and 'energy therapy', but what
do these terms mean?
To simplify a lot of complicated science, we know that the physical world -- including our bodies -- is made up of
atoms. The way atoms come together and break apart is considered the world of chemistry. Atoms create
molecules, cells, tissues, organs and even whole bodies.
The important question is:  if the way atoms come together and break apart creates our whole world, what tells the
atoms what to do?
This is where we start to look at a level that comes before atoms -- the quantum level. The quantum level is a
place where reality is scientifically considered energy and information.
In fact, Albert Einstein said, "There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the Field and Matter, for the
Field is the only Reality." So if Einstein has any credibility at all, we should believe that the future of medicine will
not come from measuring and changing chemical processes. But instead, it should come from measuring and
changing the fields, which are the blueprints of everything that exists.
This is what quantum modalities attempt to do.
There are many approaches to this, ranging from sound and light therapies (using quantum elements called
'phonons' and 'photons'), information and energy remedies (including homeopathy and Infoceuticals®),
acupuncture, thought field therapy (TFT), emotional freedom technique (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming
(NLP), and other energy modalities such as Reiki.
These approaches do not all work in the same way, and some may be more effective than others depending on
the individual. But the common thread is they attempt to correct the body-field rather than the body chemistry.
When you give the correct information to the body-field, the body's natural wellness processes can begin to take
This is why a true 'quantum practitioner' will never attempt to diagnose or cure a medical disease. The realm of
conventional medicine is for managing disease. A quantum practitioner will ask why that disease is present in the
first place. The simple answer always comes down to a lack of energy or informational integrity. Correct the field
and the body can pursue its own course of wellness.
The second challenge is to effectively correct the field. Intuitive methods will vary from practitioner to practitioner.
Lights, sounds, vibration and energetic imprints can have more consistent results. The relationship between
practitioner and client, and the client's willingness to be well, impacts the success of a client's ability to experience
The third challenge is that someone's environment and lifestyle choices will continue to effect the field, despite a
practitioner's efforts.  For instance, toxins (including heavy metals), electromagnetic smog, stress, lack of sleep,
and many other aspects of life alter the body-field. So any good quantum practitioner will try to assist the field and
recommend positive steps you can take in your life to keep the field working well.
People cannot fully escape the impact our modern world has on the field, so just like getting regular maintenance
on your car, it is a good idea to find and use successful quantum modalities to maintain the field. When dealing
with chronic issues, of course, more regular work will be needed as you 'train the field' back to an ideal state.