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My wife talked me into getting a NES ProVision scan and trying the Infoceuticals.  While I didn't think this would
hurt, I wasn't optimistic that it would necessarily help since I've been through the medical gamut.  I felt nothing in
particular initially.  About three weeks into the protocol, I was sitting at the table and suddenly became aware that
my knees and back were feeling pretty darn good. In fact, they were better than they had felt in a very long time!
Since nothing had changed in my dietary or exercise routine, the only explanation I had was that the Infoceuticals
were actually making a difference!  No fireworks, no bells and whistles -- just a gradual improvement that I finally
became aware of.  Thank you, Fieldscape LLC, and thank you, Mary!
I suffered with IBS symptoms and migraine
headaches on an almost daily basis for years. My
symptoms became worse over the last ten years,
and my days were beyond challenging since I am a
mother of two boys. Within only a few months of
taking NES Infoceuticals, I am regular and my
migraines seem to be a thing of the past.
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Mary L Siefert, NES Practitioner
I've had trouble with my knees since I was 14 when I caught a hockey puck with one of them.  That was nearly 50
years ago and six surgeries later.  I'm missing the ACL in both knees and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  I am
so bow-legged the orthopedic surgeon wanted to cut clear through my shins and realign my legs.  I also have a
bulging disc in my lower back and slight scoliosis of the spine.  Basically, I was very familiar with pain that was
sometimes near debilitating but mostly just a constant aching presence.
David Juszczyk
Dearborn, MI
Heather Millio
Saline, MI
I sought out a NES body-field scan and Infoceuticals to try to affect my metabolism and insomnia.  I'd been trying
really hard for months to lose weight and couldn't seem to lose an ounce.  I was having consistent trouble getting
to sleep, which was even worse than not being able to lose weight.  If you've ever had insomnia, you know what I
mean.  Within a few months of taking Infoceuticals, my motivation seemed to really leap forward, and I started
ramping up my exercise and gained more control of my diet.  Now I'm in the middle of training in a Couch to 5K
running program, and I'm slowly and regularly losing weight.  Plus, now I fall asleep just about the moment my head
hits the pillow!  Thank you, Mary, and thank you, NES!
Kathy Braun
Ann Arbor, MI